Blackwood Real Estate is the Best Fredericksburg Real Estate Management Company

Blackwood Real Estate is a Fredericksburg real estate management company managing both commercial and residential properties. Owned and operated by David Blackwood, the team at Blackwood has years of experience serving clients in many different types of real estate endeavors. Their team includes brokers, property managers, and consulters.

Finding a good property management company is essential to the success of your property. Property management groups are responsible for property maintenance, tenant communication, administration, and budgeting, and finance. They may be the reason your rental property succeeds. Invest in a good real estate management company by hiring Blackwood Real Estate.

Areas of Focus

Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia are prime areas for both commercial and residential investment properties. Many people who work in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area live in Fredericksburg or other areas of Northern Virginia. With large suburban areas, commercial properties have the opportunity to flourish. Blackwood Real Estate can help you find your place in the market. Here is a list of their service:

  • Commercial brokerage
  • Commercial property management
  • Residential property management
  • Commercial development consulting


A good property management company will help you turn your investment property into passive income. Blackwood Real Estate has years of experience serving clients by helping them find investment properties and managing residential and commercial properties. To learn more about what they do, contact them today.

Business Information

Blackwood Real Estate, Inc.

10950 Pierson Drive #600 Fredericksburg, VA 22408