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Truskett Law proudly serves as the best Tulsa car accident lawyer! They understand that a car wreck is stressful and can be very jarring to your life. That’s where Truskett comes in. They can simplify the legal process and make it to where you understand everything you need to. Unfortunately, car accidents aren’t uncommon in the Tulsa area. Car accidents don’t just affect you the day they happen. They affect you long after. Many people have serious injuries due to other people’s reckless behavior. Luckily, all injured parties have the legal right to pursue compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and other expenses.

Truskett Law lawyers know how to recoup all available compensation following any motor vehicle accident. From tractor-trailers to your car to ATV accidents, Truskett can take care of any vehicle accident case you may have. Let Truskett work for you and fight for your legal representation while being compassionate. They can review your legal case for free to determine how much your car accident claim is worth and what you may be able to recover. Learn more about Truskett on their Facebook page.

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Areas of Focus

Truskett Law offers its services as personal injury lawyers and support clients in various situations. Cases that Truskett Law focuses on include:

  • Tulsa Personal Injury
  • Car Wreck Injury Cases
  • Semi-Truck Crash Cases
  • Surgical Injuries Cases
  • Property Damage Cases
  • Wrongful Death Cases
  • Catastrophic Injury Cases
  • Insurance Disputes in Oklahoma
  • Nursing Home Negligence Cases
  • Unintentional Falls
    • Slip Cases
    • Trip Cases
    • Fall Cases
  • Pedestrian Injury Cases
  • Defective Products Cases
  • Injuries from Animals Cases
  • Birth Injury Cases

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